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Our History

DALF 1950

DALF is the result of years of experience and improvement, gained over seventy years of work.

The company was founded in 1950, by Donghi Alessandro, in one of the cellars in the historic center of Milan - more precisely in the artisan area of Navigli – where he began its Metal Spinning activity.
He initially specialized in creating giftware, mainly pewter, later he switched to silver and brass until he finally started processing of various metals (aluminium, steel, copper...).
In 1981 the company gained the collaboration of his two sons, becoming DALF (Donghi Alessandro Luigi Ferdinando) and after a few years spent in Milan, was moved to Sedriano in a small warehouse that was expanded over time.

Today, DALF is a company specialized on processing all kind of metal, that offer a large range of products, thanks to a vast fleet of machines and equipment.


Our Characteristics

Why working with us?
Our Approach

We believe that the quality of our relationship with customers is more important than the number of customers itself. This philosophy allows us to better respect and satisfy all our customer requests.

Our Technologies

We always try to use cutting-edge technologies in order to offer the best in our processing service. Semi-automatic CNC machines, automated warehouses, high-tons presses, etc

Only Quality Materials

We source from suppliers who guarantee only the highest quality materials. From copper to aluminum, to ferrous alloys and stainless steel: we only deals with materials defects-free that have all the required specifications.


About Us

A family company

In addition to Ferdinando and Luigi, sons of the founder Alessandro, three cousins also work in DALF today: Clara, dealing with customers and suppliers, Marco, specialized over the years in Metal Spinning, and Davide, who master Deep Drawing and Blanking.

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Seventy years of experience

DALF Srl is the result of years of experience and improvement, from 1950 to today.
We master many types of processes but we specialize in Deep Drawing, Blanking and Metal Spinning.