The Blanking process consists in creating holes or more complex shapes in the metal, using a punch and a die. Thanks to automatic advancements and step molds, we are able to dramatically automate this process, making it extremely fast. Also, the precision of our molds allows us to cut parts of a few mm in both thickness and diameter.

The molds, matrix and punch, can be supplied directly by the customer, but DALF 1950 can take care of their design and production internally, carefully making them to avoid any smearing during production.

DALF 1950 performs shearing on steel, aluminum, copper, brass etc. with the utmost care and attention to the final product. We carefully consider the thickness, the material, and the processing times, all to achieve precise and punctual deliveries, in compliance with the agreements, and always assuring Blankings without defects and smearing, at low costs.

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Seventy years of experience

DALF Srl is the result of years of experience and improvement, from 1950 to today.
We master many types of processes but we specialize in Deep Drawing, Blanking and Metal Spinning.