Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning

DALF 1950 was born more than seventy years ago as a Metal Spinning shop and since its foundation has been dealing with the processing of metals using spinning lathes: from the first completely manual ones, through semi-automatic lathes to the current CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) ones.

We are able to work on any kind of metal, from the most ductile to the least ones: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, stainless steel, etc. We can work diameters up to 1300 mm and thicknesses up to 5 mm for aluminum, 3 mm for iron and 2 mm for stainless steel. Thanks to that, we can satisfy all of our customers' needs.

DALF 1950's Metal Spinning production can fulfill every customer request, with no quantity problems. Our machines can do both prototyping and small runs, both big production of thousands of pieces.

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Seventy years of experience

DALF Srl is the result of years of experience and improvement, from 1950 to today.
We master many types of processes but we specialize in Deep Drawing, Blanking and Metal Spinning.